Express Your Style - Top 10 Sundale Outdoor Customer Reviews

Posted by Steven on Jun 2nd 2017


My Deck is now usable

Well we bought a new house last year and have been hoping this year to have some shiny new patio furniture for us being able to use the patio deck. I researched a lot of companies, and noticed that there's a variation of prices, mostly expensive. When I see things that are priced lower, I am usually skeptical but couldn't find any reason not to try these out especially at the price. I had bought a set of patio furniture from another place as well simultaneously. The other furniture set arrived and I was 3 hours in assembling everything when this Sunday set arrived. Looking at the box I was wondering how the heck I was going to manage to put everything together, but surprise, no assembly required for these chairs. They were in perfect condition and looked gorgeous. I put them on the deck but kept taking them off the deck when I hear it was going to rain, or buy covers to protect them. Then while I was at work, it rained. I came home and was dreading the worst considering I paid a fraction of what other chair manufacturers sell these for. Lo and behold, the water had WICKED off the fabric. It was awesome. I had heard of more expensive products doing that, but never realized that I now had a set that did just that.
All in all I am very happy with the chairs, and am going to go ahead and return the other set of furniture as I saw a similar set that looks much better from Sundale. So nice to find a company making quality products.

2. SKU: HM002058

Summer Days with a Hammock - Is a MUST!

Desperately needed to replace hubby old hammock. This one came across my Amazon feed as a suggestion. I then read other customer positive reviews. The price was reasonable with free return so I had nothing to loose.
Once it arrived hubby was excited to get it assembled. I videotaped it to show how he truly did it in just 5 minutes!
The frame is strong and durable.
The hammock is wide enough to seat two. Hubby is 220lbs & I'm 140lbs & it held us both. We adjusted it to the very last link to keep us higher off the ground.
Our neighbors asked to check it out & they were also impressed.
Only recommendation I would suggest is a storage bag to be able to put away when summer days are over.

3. SKU: PU009238

Best outdoor furniture accessory ever

This is an amazing umbrella. I merely took minutes to hook up everything. All we had to do is attach a two piece pole and then attach that to the base. It is very easy to turn the crank to open and close the umbrella. We are actually using this in place of our old canopy. We can sit outside on our deck and drink coffee while it raining. Its so beautiful and can go with any outside decor. Once its fully open it has slide lock ricks to hold its position. Its 10 foot umbrella shades quite the area from the sun. Best outdoor furniture accessory piece we have ever bought. Packing it up is a breeze as well when we head up to the cottage we bring it with us.

4. SKU: PU023168

Heavy duty patio canopy! Great quality outdoor umbrella!

We have been enjoying this huge patio umbrella since it arrived!
The product came just in time while my husband is finishing up our new deck.
Before, we planned to put a roof for our deck but after we assemble the big canopy umbrella,
we decided not to put a roof because this is already huge and really high enough that no need for a roof!
My husband assembled it in just few minutes. Not complicated at all.
We also purchased the heavy duty base to hold this well.
What we really like about this is that, it is an adjustable umbrella...
We can adjust the handle to any position we want the umbrella to point and stay.
This has like 5 position functions which is cool!
We can slide it left and right or face up and down, very smart!
This is made of very good quality material.
Portable as well... we can put this in any location we want .
Over all, we love it!
We highly recommend this to all who are looking for patio umbrella.
This is a 10 start for us!


Amazing Hammock!

We are enjoying this hammock a lot!
The time this arrived, my family jumped in to put this together.
Everybody helped out!. My kids did their part here and there.
I had another video while we install this. I will update my video after I put together the 2 videos.
We are very pleased to have this.
It's an everyday use in our front yard.
We have a big yard with play area, trampoline , half basketball court and some kids stuff to enjoy and play with.
This is a great addition where we can relax and enjoy.
The material of this hammock is very good quality.
The cloth is very sturdy, solid and durable. Well made!
You can put the hammock in different levels you want.. we put it in the highest level.
Our kids want to jump in every time they play outside.
This hammock can occupy 2-4 people and still can manage!
We like it a lot. We are very happy with this purchase.
Easy to install, not complicated at all.
We also can transfer it any part of the yard where there is shade.
When it rains, we just take it off and put it inside..
Then put it back again when the rain is done.
We highly recommend this for people who are looking for a really good deal and quality hammock!.
The set is a complete package!

6. SKU: COMBT002

So comfortable, cradles your body

This hammock is comfortable! I picked it out for it's easy assembly - not requiring tools - and I'm glad I did. The whole thing goes together in a matter of minutes. You can actually spend more time taking the plastic wrappings off of the poles than putting it together.

In the package, you get the following:
- 1x Center pole
- 2x Feet that attach to the center pole and the upright supports
- 2x Upright support poles, which hold the rope hammock
- 1x Rope hammock
- 1x Decorative padding
- 1x Pillow
There will also be a small package with a couple of spare end caps for the poles in case you lose any, and the instructions. They are simple and to the point on one side of a sheet of paper.

The poles are simple. They click right into each other and stay secured. They are sturdy, and quite heavy, but still no problem for a single person to do. The next thing to do is attach the rope hammock. On either end, it actually has a round metal loop with chain links extending from it. For the first couple uses, you will need to use the furthest chain link out on either side to attach it. Trust me, you won't be able to stretch it any further. Once it's been used a few times, you should gradually be able to use the links closer in as the rope stretches out better. That's all there is to it, aside from tying on the padding and pillow. You want to use loose knots, or bows so it's easy to remove. This isn't something you want to leave out when you're not using it. I just untie mine and roll it up with the pillow like a package and put it in the garage when I'm finished.

The end result is a very comfortable hammock. It cradles your body, and it's very easy to want to nap in it. It definitely fits 1 adult with no problem. It also fits 2 kids, or even an adult and a kid. I have mine set on the deck at the moment, but may possibly move it under a shady tree in the grass. It seems like it would be just fine on any decently level area. The whole family loves it and it was worth the purchase. Definitely recommend.

7. SKU: CHAIR-01

Very comfortable, durable, nice looking outdoor chair!

Very comfortable outdoor chair with cushion and pillow!
The pieces of the chair arrived with a well protected package.
Arrived in a very good condition.
Installation was very very easy and quick. Tools provided.
I put it together myself coz my husband is not around but it took a few minutes and done!
The instruction manual has easy picture where to put the pieces together. Not complicated to install.
Here are the features I really like about this wicker Adirondack Chair:
-Easy assemble.. Tools provided.
-Very comfy cushion and pillow! Great material and good quality. Washable and stain resistant.
Water repellent , UV treated cushion and polyester pillow.
-The chair itself is made of natural wicker, and this is made of stain, water, UV, crack and spill resistant.
-Very durable. Comfortable to sit on.
-Easy to carry and portable.. You can put it anywhere you like,,
-Very good size! Me and my other child can fit in this chair. A big person can sit in this chair.
Over all, we are very happy with this purchase!
We highly recommend this to all who are looking for outdoor chair!

8. SKU: PU017058

Light it up!

This is the most unique patio umbrella I have ever seen. I came across it when looking to replace my old one. I am very into using solar lights to conserve energy, and use many varieties in my yard. I love the idea of a patio umbrella with integrated solar lighting. The umbrella itself came well packed, and it literally sets up in 5 minutes. It comes in 3 pieces - The lower section of the pole, the upper section of the pole, with the umbrella portion, and the solar panel. To set it up, the lower pole slides right into the upper, and clicks into place. The solar panel plugs into the solar battery tucked inside the upper pole, and screws right on top of the umbrella. Peel off the plastic protective layer from the panel, and it's ready to go. As is typical with patio umbrellas, this does nt include the base. I have mine set up in a standard cast iron base with my outdoor table. There is a crank located on the pole to open and close the umbrella. Up near the top of the pole, there is a button you can press in to adjust the tilt. Also located on the pole near the crank is a small on/off switch for the LED lights. I have loved having this umbrella so far. It's actually been cloudy and rainy since I have had it, and the solar panel is still getting enough energy to power the lights all night long. The little LED lights put out an impressive amount of light too! I can turn it on at dusk, and actually still find them working in the morning. The fabric is definitely water resistant, and the wetness from the rain does not seep through the material at all. I do normally keep it closed up in the rain, but regardless, it holds up just fine. The green looks fantastic with the tan cushions on my chairs. All in all, it's a great umbrella, and I've already recommended this to friends and family.


Great outdoor Folding Rocking Chair!

Very portable folding Outdoor Rocking chair!.
We have been enjoying this chair since it arrived few days ago!
It came in very good condition.
All pieces were intact and ready to assemble.
The main frame was ready. All we need to do was to put on the screws to put things together!
Here are the features we like about this chair.
-Easy assemble. The manual has easy instruction and clear to follow.
-Great quality product!.Made of premium woven PVC fabric, and a high-strength, powder-coated steel frame.
The chair arms wrapped with rubber, prevent frame from scratching.
-Very comfortable to sit on. Very relaxing! Has unique back support, pillow and zero-gravity design.
-Foldable chair. Can be carried anywhere we want.
-Great for outdoors and indoors.
Over all! We are very pleased with this chair.
We will be enjoying this years ahead!.
We highly recommend this chair!


Such an easy to assemble rocking chair very strong and well made

I ordered this Sundale Outdoor Orbital Zero Gravity Folding Rocking Patio Lounge Chair with Pillow, Capacity 250 Pounds, Red for my household.
I must say that this is by far the best purchase that I have made in a while.
This rocking and relaxing chair is super easy to assemble and it even fits in the car if you want to take it to the beaches or camping places.
I am impressed by the light weight material used in it the frame itself is very light and comes semi assembled.
I just had to open the box and place for screw nuts in place to hold the fabric frame into the chair frame and I was done.
The head rest pillow is an additional plus point so you don't have to carry one separately.
Overall this is a value for money chair and gives very relaxed feeling when you rest on it.