Ensuring durability and quality of outdoor furniture is essential due to its prolonged exposure to various environmental factors. With so much variety of outdoor furniture brands in the market, doing research can consume valuable amount of time, but worry none as we are here to save you from this headache. As a direct-to-consumer brand, Sundale Outdoors has invested countless hours into industry research, manufacturing, and customer feedback. Here are a few insider tips that can help you quickly and easily identify high-quality outdoor furniture, so you can be confident that you're certainly bringing the best to your backyard.
Choosing the Right Metal
The majority of outdoor furniture features a metal frame concealed underneath all-weather outdoor wicker or coated with paint. It's important to verify that the frame is made of aluminum or stainless-steel instead of normal steel. Although manufacturers may often select steel due to its lower cost, it has a tendency to rust and leave unsightly stains on your outdoor area. On the other hand, stainless-steel and aluminum are both corrosion-resistant and will be a better investment in the long run. At Sundale Outdoors, we make sure that our outdoor furniture, whether it’s our patio umbrella or our hammock stands, are created by the best materials to ensure its durability and quality.
Selecting the Right Fabric
Although fabric is usually overlooked, it is maybe the most important component. The vast majority of outdoor fabrics fall into 2 different materials: polyester and olefin.
  • Olefin – well-known for its durability and stain-resistance ability, olefin is a great choice went it comes to outdoor furniture.
  • Polyester – valued for its softness , polyesteris a smart choice when it comes to selecting comfortable outdoor furniture.Furthermore, with our UV-Resistant fabric technology, worry none about the fabric color fading under long term exposure of sunlight.
Inspect Your Zippers
This trick may not be widely known outside of the industry, but we're about to share a secret with you. One way to quickly determine if a manufacturer takes shortcuts is to inspect the zipper. If the brand is YKK, it's a positive sign that the manufacturer values quality, possesses expertise, and doesn't compromise on costs. Although there are other high-quality zipper manufacturers, superior outdoor furniture companies carefully vet all their suppliers, and YKK is a consistently reliable choice.