Responsible Materials

Preserving a specific resource successfully requires sustainability. At Sundale Outdoors, we carefully consider the longevity and environmental impact of every material we use, from eco-friendly Olefin thread to fully recyclable aluminum and recycled polyethylene. We always recommend checking with companies before making a purchase to ensure the application of sustainable materials and contribute to a better future.

Humane Working Condition

Sundale ensures fair wages, ideal working conditions, and respectful treatment to our workers. We believe that the people behind the production of a product are instrumental in creating meaningful and long-lasting outdoor furniture. We prioritize quality craftsmanship and responsible manufacturing in our products, from the master weavers crafting our All-Weather Wicker chairs to the factory workers meticulously hand-cutting our steel frames.

Ecological Supply Chain

Ensuring that our products reach their destinations with minimal impact on the environment is a crucial step that our company takes seriously. This involves optimizing the transportation and logistics of getting the product to the market. To achieve this, we work closely with all our suppliers to ensure that our supply chains adhere to local regulations.

Environmental Management

To show our commitment to sustainability and road to net zero, our manufacturing facility has been third-party verified to meet the ISO 14001 Environmental Management standard, which is an international standard for organizations to reduce their environmental impact. These steps we have taken mean that we are always finding new ways to lower the impact of products by minimizing waste, reducing energy usage, and using all the materials we have to the fullest without leaving waste.