Product Journey Ambassador Program

Building Products Alongside Customers

Sundale Outdoor takes pride in introducing a program that bridges the gap between the brand and its customers. Our aim is to involve customers in the development of our best-selling products, and this program is a step towards achieving that goal. The program is exclusively available only through invitation, and it is designed for our loyal customers who frequently shop at Sundale and provide valuable feedback through reviews. By joining the ambassador program, you not only continue to be a valued customer but also get the opportunity to share your insights on future Sundale best-sellers.

We built our business on customer service

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Be the first to experience new releases!

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Enjoy more savings as an ambassador and VIP customer!

Interact with Us

Interact with our team through Zoom and share your opinions!

Are you the innovator amongst friends?

If you’re interested to be the voice that represents thousands of Sundale customers, click the link below to see if you qualify to be a Product Journey Ambassador!