Balconies are incredibly valuable assets, particularly for those residing in apartments or condos lacking access to a yard. They provide an outdoor sanctuary in urban settings. The key is to understand how to optimize every square inch so that you don’t waste any valuable space. With careful planning, you can create an environment that is both comfortable and enjoyable. Here are some suggestions for incorporating outdoor furniture and other design elements to enhance your balcony space.

Comfortable is Key

To create a cozy small balcony, prioritize comfort as the key factor. Given that balconies are exposed to different weather elements such as wind, sun, and rain, it is crucial to choose durable furniture that can withstand such conditions over an extended period. Similarly, during hot weather, it's essential to choose suitable colors and fabrics that can repel heat and provide shade options to keep the balcony cool and enjoyable during the summer months. At Sundale Outdoors, our outdoor products are designed with guaranteed durability, quality, and design. Sit down and relax!


Green is the Future

Adding plants to a patio is an excellent way to enhance the outdoor space. Not only do plants provide privacy, they can also block street noise, reduce heat and glare, and add a touch of softness to the balcony's appearance.

When selecting plants for your outdoor area, there are various options to choose from. However, the most suitable plants depend on your preferred plant materials and the amount of sunlight each plant requires. For easy garden setup, make sure to checkout our garden bed kit.


Quality Is King

Outdoor seating is a crucial aspect of outdoor living, and it's recommended to have a variety of seating options available. While some individuals prefer to reuse indoor seating items, it's more advantageous to purchase outdoor furniture that is specifically designed for outdoor use. Investing in weather-resistant materials such as premium teak or powder-coated stainless steel for patio furniture will ensure longevity and durability. High-quality outdoor furniture can withstand exposure to the elements without losing color or developing rust. Our Adirondack Rocking chair and quick-dry metal bar stools are great options when it comes to outdoor chairs.


Space Saving Furnitures

If you have a small balcony, maximize every inch of space by incorporating bar tables and chairs to utilize vertical space and create a larger feel. Make sure to check out our bar stools, whether you like it with arm rest or not, we got you. Ensure that the seating arrangement is appropriate for the area. If the balcony can only accommodate two people, limit the seating to one or two chairs. Alternatively, you can consider adding an outdoor sofa set to accommodate more people. To increase overall storage space, our wicker storage box and wicker side tables are also great choices you can consider.


Add Some Colors

If your apartment or condo is overlooked by nearby buildings, installing curtains or blinds can provide a sense of privacy. To make your balcony feel more spacious and welcoming, you can also incorporate colorful elements. Including bright pillows and blankets can help you create a comfortable and relaxing outdoor space. Additionally, if you have children, adding colorful toys and games can offer them enjoyable activities to engage in while spending time on the balcony with you.


Protection from the Sun

To fully enjoy your balcony furniture during the day, it is important to consider the amount of shade from other buildings and trees. If there is too much shade and little light, it may be difficult for people sitting on your balcony to see each other or read a book. On the other hand, if your balcony is fully exposed to midday and afternoon sun, it would be wise to invest in a patio umbrella for shade.

In regions with rainy climates, it is recommended to invest in covers for your outdoor balcony furniture to protect cushions and surfaces from attracting mildew during winter months.

Decorating a small balcony can be challenging, but there are various ways to make your space feel larger and more welcoming. When selecting furniture and accessories, it is important to consider how much use each item gets and whether it fits well in your home. For additional tips and ideas, visit our website.