Double Traditional Cotton Rope Hammock with Hanging Hardware Included


Double the fun

Doze off by yourself with the luxury of extra space or enjoy the day together in this comfortable soft-spun cotton rope hammock that's as comfortable as it's wide.

Don't flip, take it easy

Ultrawide spreaders make this comfortable hammock safe and stable to doze off in. Don't worry about falling off even when sharing the hammock.

Features In Detail

Stylish Wood Spreaders

Oil-rubbed hardwood for that classic always-in-style look.

Cotton Ropes

Handwoven cotton ropes are extremely durable and thanks to them the mesh breathes like nothing else. 


Stainless Steel O-rings and soft-spun cords make your hammock extra sturdy.

Product Specification

Hammock Material: Soft-spun cotton rope
Spreader Bar:   Hardwood
O-rings:   Stainless Steel
Hammock Overall Length: 130 inches
Bed Dimension: 74 x 60 inches
Weight Capacity: 450 lbs
Gross Weight: 15 lbs
Package Dimension: 60 x 6.7 x 6.7 inches
Manufacturer: Lazy Daze Hammock