Folding Balcony Hanging Table (semicircular)



Customize the height of this table with ease using its two adjustable short poles, which can be adjusted from 2.64 to 5.83 inches. With three spring pins on each pole, you can choose from three heights of 28.3 in, 30.5 in, and 32.7 in. The table also has a metal support piece at the bottom to prevent wobbling, with an adjustable range of no more than 2.87 inches.


This hanging table is perfect for indoor and outdoor use with its heavy-duty frame and HDPE table top. The rust-free, powder-coated frame guarantees long-lasting durability. Enjoy the classic look and easy maintenance of this table, whether you're inside or out.


This table features a support metal frame and a metal lock on the right side of the frame for enhanced stability. Remember to use the lock when using the table to prevent accidents.


With two cupholder holes on the tabletop, each with a diameter of 2.8 inches, this table is perfect for holding drinks and snacks while you relax. The spacious tabletop provides ample space for all your essentials, including snacks, drinks, beer, wine, and more.

Overall Dimensions: 15.6" x 23.6" x 32.7" (WxHxD)

Color Black
Shape Semicircular
Top Material  High Density Polyethylene
Frame Material Metal
Weight  6.5 lbs
Manufacturer Sundale Outdoor

manufacturer and marketer of quality outdoor life products.

Whether it's a lazy afternoon lounging on the patio or elegant al fresco dining in the garden, outdoor space is becoming an extension of our living space.

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